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Department of Criminology and Security Studies

Faculty of Social Science

Message From the H.O.D

Welcome you into the world of academic giants whose utmost priority is to deploy systematic and scientific approach towards unraveling the mysteries of criminality and insecurity that historically threaten human survival through the ages. By virtue of your admission into this programme you have now become a member of this University where your access to quality Open and distance education in your chosen area is greatly assured. I, therefore, use this opportunity to urge you to be steadfast and determined so that you can do well and excel in your chosen careers. Doing this, I believe, will enable you portray the images of this Department and the University in a positive light. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Social Sciences where the programme is domiciled has produced numerous outstanding graduates in various programmes, one of which is currently with us as a faculty member. Going by the industrial and labour market reports, we are proud of our alumni who have distinguished themselves in their diverse disciplines.

Dr. Akoji Ocheja

HOD, Criminology & Security Studies


  • B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies
  • PgD Criminology and Security Studies

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