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Information for New Students

Faculty of Social Science


In this section you will be acquainted with information on the various activities concerning the fresh students. Most of the information you require will be provided to you during the orientation ceremony. These include procedures for important academic activities such as, deferment of courses and change of programmes

Orientation Programme

This is the very first formal function where the students meet directly with the University management and their fellow prospective students. The Orientation programmes is usually organised for fresh students at the beginning of every academic session during which you are familiarized with Open and Distance Learning (ODL) operations. This programme takes place at the Study Centres, so as to give you the opportunity to look round and identify the Study Centre personnel that will be attending to your requests within the continuum of your study programme. It is also acquaint you with the culture of Open and Distance Learning (ODL). The programme also affords you the opportunity to learn about the various facilities and support services that will enhance your learning. These services include:

  • Knowing the first contact points at NOUN,
  • Selection and registration of courses,
  • General baseline information, guidance and counseling services, and
  • Use of ICT facilities

Perhaps, a great advantage of the orientation program is that it will also afford you the opportunity to ask questions. You will receive information about the orientation programme through an SMS message. You are advised to attend the orientation programme, as this will assist you to commence your programme on good footing and of course, enjoy a stress free journey towards attaining your desired goal for enrolling on the programme

Deferment of Admission

To defer admission, you are required to write to the Registrar though the Study Centre Director with evidence of your admission and course registration

Change of Programme and Course

To change your academic programme you are required to obtain an Application Form online or at the Study Centre and then follow the procedure for change of programme prescribed to you by the Centre hereafter and what line of actions to take after completing the requisite

form. You may need to consult your counsellor for guidance.

NB: The following are facts you need to understand about the change of programme

  1. Students are allowed to apply for change of programme not less than 10 weeks to the commencement of examinations
  2. Students should obtain Change of Programme forms from online or the study centre after payment of the prescribed fee, fill and return to the Study Centre, attaching credentials and evidence of payment
  3. The reason(s) for the change of Programme should be stated and the form should be signed by the Study Centre Director
  4. The Faculty will treat the applications and send them to the Academic Office (an e-mail is automatically generated by the system directly to the student informing him or her on the decision of the Faculty) The Academic Registry will treat the application accordingly
  5. The student will get a feedback from his or her portal or the study centres

Fresh Students wrongly admitted into Programmes

  1. You should print out your letter of admission
  2. Write a letter of complaint stating you have been wrongly admitted into the programme and state your programme of choice and submit the letter to your Centre Director
  3. The Study Centre Directors will inform the Faculty through the Academic Registry about applicants’ complaints on wrong admissions
  4. The Directorate of ICT will enable the Faculty’s admission officers to re-initialize the admission process and access the platform for the change of programme
  5. Candidates will then be requested to go back to their portals to print new admission letters

Change of Course

At the beginning of every semester, a list of courses you are required to take for that semester are uploaded into your portal for registration.

These are a combination of compulsory and elective courses. You are not allowed to change any of the compulsory courses. However, you can substitute an elective course for another one within the same semester.

Note that this must be done before the registration portal closes for that semester, otherwise, your name will not be captured for the examination registration

Credit Transfer

You may be allowed some credit for courses that you have taken previously in another institution prior to your admission into NOUN.

For credit transfer or request for exemption, apply to the Registrar, and your application will be determined in line with the University’s policy on credit transfer, after it has been discussed at your Faculty Board where your Department would have given her expert opinion


To defer admission, you are required to write to the Registrar though the Study Centre Director with evidence of your admission and course registration

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